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Recommended Books

The American Montessori Society is pleased to offer recommendations for a select group of books that we believe can inform and inspire your Montessori classroom or home. We also enthusiastically present books authored by keynote speakers from our most recent annual conferences.

We have grouped the books into 3 categories:

By Maria Montessori
About Montessori
Books by AMS Keynote Speakers

By Maria Montessori



About Montessori


Books by Keynote Speakers

2017 Annual Conference: Nicholas D. Kristof, Jessica Lahey, Sonia Manzano

2016 Annual Conference: Sarah Kay, Bryan Stevenson, Mitchel Adler

2015 Annual Conference: Jack Andraka, Jennifer Senior

2014 Annual Conference: Temple Grandin, John Hunter, Andrew Solomon

2013 Annual Conference: Edward Hallowell

2012 Annual Conference: Brené Brown

2011: Ellen Galinsky, Ken Robinson, Yong Zhao

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