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Researchers have a friend in AMS, which is strongly committed to advancing the study of Montessori education. Led by an enterprising committee of Montessorians with diverse research interests, AMS continually seeks new ways to encourage researchers and disseminate their work.

AMS efforts to further Montessori research include the following:

  • Ensuring that the AMS Research Library is a growing repository of Montessori research by actively adding to the holdings. The library includes dissertations and theses, journal articles, white papers, conference handouts, and resources..
  • Supporting research financially through 2 initiatives: Yearly research awards of up to $1,000 given in recognition of outstanding graduate-level dissertations and theses that further public understanding of Montessori education. Twice-yearly Mini-Grants given in support of worthy projects that will contribute to the growing body of research furthering the understanding of Montessori education.
  • The Montessori Teacher Research Panel and the Montessori Parent Research Panel, which support Montessori research through online survey participation. E-mail the AMS research coordinator for more information.
  • AMS conferences, which showcase Montessori research and provide networking opportunities for researchers.

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