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Board-Nominated Slate

Each year, the Board-nominated slate contains individuals who ensure that the Board includes persons with expertise in needed specialties. In 2018, 1 individual is included on the slate. You are voting to either:

  • Approve the candidate or
  • Not approve the candidate

If approved, the candidate will serve a term of 3 years as the school accreditation commission representative to the Board.


Individual members: Every current individual member (teacher, head of school, teacher educator, adult learner, and general member) has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate.

Organizational members: Every Accredited, Full, Associate, Initiate, and International member school, and every AMS-affiliated TEP, has 1 vote for the Board-Nominated Slate. Multiple votes are not allowed. Organizational members cast 1 vote on behalf of the entire organization, including satellites and/or additional levels/locations.

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E McCrae HarrisonE. McCrae Harrison
Assistant to the Principal for Montessori, Montessori Academy at Christina, Wilmington, DE
MEd, Wilmington University
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I)

As an AMS board member, I view myself, first and foremost, as the School Accreditation Commission representative to the board. I will advocate for high standards in all AMS schools, and will strive to encourage and promote these standards in all AMS board initiatives. While accreditation may not be possible for all AMS schools, the Pathway of Continuous Improvement will offer all of our schools the opportunity to strive toward the highest standards in all areas. It will be incumbent upon me to keep this at the forefront of the AMS Board’s collective agenda when we are making decisions for the organization. Board members are responsible for representing AMS in a positive light, for communicating clearly and positively about AMS and Montessori at every opportunity, and for doing whatever necessary to support the organization and fellow Montessorians.

To give you insight into E. McCrae's thoughts about Montessori, we asked her to answer this question:

With the AMS mission in mind, please name and discuss one Montessori principle that is so compelling when properly articulated that it naturally advocates for Montessori.

View her response:

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