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Professional Director

In 2018 there is 1 open professional director position. 3 candidates are running to fill the position. The term of office for this position is 3 years.


Voting is now closed.


Rosemary Gosse

Rosemary GosseRosemary Gosse
Montessori Coordinator & Director of Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute, Qingdao, China
MA (Anthropology), University of New Brunswick
AMS-credentialed (Elementary I-II); AMI-credentialed (Early Childhood)

I have applied to be an AMS board member with the belief that I can contribute to the efforts being made to promote the work of AMS within China. Adoption of the standards and practices for teacher education and school accreditation advocated by AMS will ensure quality Montessori education for Chinese children. China is experiencing tremendous growth in early childhood Montessori education and could be a significant source of income to AMS through school memberships, school accreditation, and teacher education program affiliation. I have lived in China for almost 10 years, supporting teachers and schools. Now is the time to establish AMS as the ‘go to’ brand for quality Montessori schools and teacher education. The experience we gain by working in China will serve as a model for other international endeavors.

Pauline Novak

Pauline NovakPauline Novak
Montessori Learning Specialist, Montessori School of Northern Virginia, Annandale, VA
MEd (Educational Leadership), Dallas Baptist University
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I)

I would like to serve as a Board Member in order to support the members of AMS, and ensure that the Montessori methodology is maintained as a high quality, authentic and consistent educational method. As a Board Member, I would continue to work and collaborate with members to develop and support existing AMS policies and strategies and to continue to expand the reach of this amazing and effective methodology. I have been a parent of 3 children who were educated at a Montessori school, I have been a teacher in a Montessori classroom for 19 years, and I have instructed and served as co-director of a Montessori training center, and served also as an instructor of Montessori as Applied to Children at Risk. I would be thrilled to join the AMS board and continue to expand quality, authentic Montessori education for every child.

Dorothy Paul

Dorothy PaulDorothy Paul (Incumbent)
Teacher Education Program Director, Duhovka Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
MS (Elementary Education) & MS (Early Childhood Education), Barry University
AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I-II)

My interest in serving for a second term as a Professional Director comes after 20 years of teaching and from the genuine desire to support our organization as it grows. I now understand the structure of our board work, and am able to use my experience to support our constituents on a grassroots level. As a co-chair of the AMS International Task Force I work to strengthen our organization abroad. After 7 years of working in Europe, it is apparent that AMS is sought after in the worldwide arena. I wish to continue my work toward the goal of creating a worldwide alliance in our advocacy of Montessori principles. I would also like to continue my work as co-chair of the Member Engagement work group to enhance our internal structure for each of us to share and benefit from our combined wealth of professional knowledge.

Forum for Professional Directors

To give you insight into each candidate's thoughts about Montessori, we asked them to answer this question: 

With the AMS mission in mind, please name and discuss one Montessori principle that is so compelling when properly articulated that it naturally advocates for Montessori.

View their responses:

Rosemary Gosse

Pauline Novak

Dorothy Paul

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