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Teacher Educators

All of the webinars for Teacher Educators on this page are available on-demand. Rentals are for 30 days. We also offer live webinars; you can view them here.

Anti-Bias Education for Students & Educators Alike

We will embark on the process of understanding ourselves and our students through the lens of Anti-Bias Education: an active approach to maintaining a culturally responsive environment for all learners. This webinar will introduce you to the 4 goals of Anti-Bias Education for children and the 5 goals for adults.

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    Building a Simple Yet Rich Birth to 3 Environment Indoors, Outdoors, and at Home

    This webinar will show you how to create a well-prepared Montessori environment with children’s stages of development in mind, whether at school or at home.

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      Children's House Extension for Geography and Science

      Explore ways to think beyond ordinary extensions of the basic presentation of geography and science.

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        Conducting Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences

        Learn how to prepare for and conduct regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Ideas will be shared for creating opportunities for productive, open communication for all involved, and to avoid common pitfalls in communicating with parents.

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          Connections Matter: Skills for Creating, Strengthening, & Maintaining Meaningful Interpersonal Connections

          Learn techniques to help you and your students initiate, maintain, and strengthen connections in all areas of your lives.

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            Creating Community: Differentiation in Secondary Montessori Classrooms

            In this webinar, we will describe methods useful for enabling an interdisciplinary, thematic, and collaborative approach to Secondary subjects in which students are not grouped by abilities or age.

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              Divide & Conquer! A Math Refresher for Teachers of Elementary Students

              This workshop will refresh your understanding of the links between concrete and abstract division of wholes, fractions, and decimals, offering precise language that more deeply connects children (and parents) with materials.

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                Inclusion in the Montessori Environment (7 Webinars)

                This webinar bundle provides access to 7 workshops that address inclusion within the Montessori environment—all for 1 low price. You will come away understanding the history, vocabulary, and best practices around inclusive classrooms, along with tools and techniques for student assessment and observation, curriculum design, and for offering support to vulnerable children.

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                  Marketing your Montessori School: Basics to Boost Enrollment

                  Join us for an overview of marketing principles and a deep dig into concepts that represent real-world examples of effective school marketing.

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                    Montessori & ADD/ADHD

                    This webinar will present an examination of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of attention deficit disorder in children from early childhood to adolescence, with a focus on children in the learning and social environments. 

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                      A Montessori Guide to Teaching Conflict-Resolution Skills to Young Children

                      In this webinar you’ll learn strategies for teaching conflict resolution skills to children. The presentation will address the needs of socially diverse classrooms, and how best to craft your peace lessons for children who have not yet developed strong concepts of tolerance, respect, and acceptance.

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                        Nurturing Nature Inside and Outside the Early Childhood Classroom

                        Learn practical ways to help children connect to nature using botany and zoology materials that emphasize your local plants and animals.

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                          Positive Discipline

                          Chip DeLorenzo will present strategies for taking your skills to new, Montessori-friendly depths through the use of Positive Discipline, which teaches that for discipline to be effective, it must—among other things—be kind, firm, and respectful; and invite children to discover how capable they are.

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                            Professional Development That Mirrors Montessori Principles & Practices

                            In this webinar you'll be exposed to the guiding philosophy of why professional development matters, how it is best administered, creating effective professional development plans, and measuring its effectiveness. This presentation is a must-view for administrators looking to craft a professional development plan for their staff.

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                              Starting Off the School Year for Reading Success

                              Drawing from her work on classroom-based assessment in Montessori schools, Linda will provide an overview of developmental benchmarks in reading and specific ways that Montessori teachers can learn about children in relation to those benchmarks in the first 6 weeks of school.

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                                Teaching Written Language to Children with Learning Differences

                                This webinar will offer a learning model that has proven effective at helping children who have learning differences or are at-risk for learning differences achieve success in reading, writing, and spelling, by integrating the Montessori written language curriculum with several other multi-sensory learning approaches.

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