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Position & White Papers

The American Montessori Society publishes both informational and position papers for use by researchers and other members of the Montessori community.

Position Papers

Position papers present the official position of AMS on particular topics and advocate for actions formally recommended by the AMS Board of Directors.

Montessori and State-Funded Pre-K

White Papers

AMS white papers authoritatively address issues of importance to Montessorians. The following papers respond to common research questions and offer insight into challenges that may be encountered in the study of Montessori education.

You are welcome to share this information electronically or in print if you include this citation: © (year of publication) by the American Montessori Society. All rights reserved.


Issued by the AMS Peace Committee

Holistic Peace Education


Issued regularly by the AMS Research Committee. Check back for new additions.

"Topics for Montessori Researchers"
"Challenges of Montessori Research"
"Action Research in Montessori Classrooms"
"Research Using AMS Archives"
"Overview of Research on Montessori Education: An Evidence-Based Curriculum"
"Special Education and Montessori Math"
"Examining the Literature on Authentic Montessori Practices: Multi-Age Groupings"

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